Seamless design for ceilings, floors and walls

To create a distinctive interior atmosphere within a holistic living concept, all elements have to be precisely coordinated.

Choosing the right ceiling and floor, finding the perfect colour for wall decorations: these factors significantly influence the design as a whole and must be harmonised.

Our creative and decorative surface technologies will give your interiors a truly unique and distinctive atmosphere.

Whether you want to give your stairway a new look with modern exposed concrete or add a touch of unique charm to a wall with preserved Iceland moss, the choice is entirely up to you.

Top quality and expert craftsmanship

The 2019 Raumkonzept Team
raumkonzept team 2019

Specially selected high-quality materials, innovative designs and comprehensive advice are the pillars of our success.

Combined with our outstanding expert craftsmanship, we offer professional and reliable design for your surfaces. Whether as a holistic room concept or an individual wall accent,

throughout your entire house or in a single room: we will assist you in developing tailor-made ideas that flow masterfully with your house’s overall design.

As a specialist in seamless floors, we consider not only aesthetic aspects but also functional components when designing new surfaces.

Michael Roth



From creatively designed stretch ceilings to eye-catching wall designs or low-maintenance flooring, we will give your home a whole new radiance and prepare stylish custom concepts based on your needs.

Experience it for yourself! Please feel free to contact us to learn more. We would be thrilled to show you the endless possibilities for exceptional interior design.