Create a modern bathroom with high-quality seamless microcement surfaces. While bathrooms were once considered a functional element of a home, modern design solutions have become increasingly important nowadays.

Technical developments such as concealed fittings, floor-level showers or counter-top washbasins enhance the wet area of a home and give this room a new look.

When planning or renovating a modern bathroom, practical and aesthetic aspects are equally important to consider.

Value is placed on low-maintenance surfaces as well as a variety of individual design choices and the ability to renovate a bathroom in short construction times without lots of dust and dirt. There is one solution that combines all these benefits and enables modern, trendy, highly functional bathroom designs: Microcement.

Microcement – for a beautiful bathroom

Microcement, also known as microtopping, is a filling compound based onreal cement that offers many advantages. Particularly in the immediate wet area around the shower, this moisture-repellent and resistant material is ideal, since it eliminates the need for typical silicone joints that are not only unsightly but also tend to develop mildew.

Microcement has also proven itself for decades now as a durable, robust and easily maintained material that enhances a room’s value while enabling a great deal of individual design freedom.

Walls, shelves, washing stands or windowsills can also be designed using microcement,
introducing stylish, modern urban design to the bathroom.

Another advantage of working with microcement is that the old material can be left where it is. There is no need to tear out tiling, and the underlying screed will remain intact since microcement can simply be applied to the cleaned and smoothed existing surface 99% of the time.

Just two layers of application create a seamless design that offers numerous design options for more than just floors:


Microcement baths

Microcement baths

Your microcement bathroom from Raumkonzept Trier

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We offer you modern, time-saving bathroom renovations from one source without much debris, making your dream bathroom possible with a seamless coating of microcement made by Raumkonzept.