Moisture-repellent, heat-insulating, sound-absorbing and resilient: concrete is the ideal material for your floors. Known for decades as a durable and resistant building material, concrete is increasingly gaining importance in the aesthetic design of interiors and exterior spaces. A concrete floor enhances the value of a space and establishes an urban atmosphere.

With our selection of surface technologies, colours and finishes, you will obtain quality results that are precisely coordinated to your needs. Application on existing floors minimises renovation expenditures and messy secondary effects. What’s more, the work can be completed very quickly.

About microcement

Microcement, also known as microtopping, is a filling compound based on real cement. Microcement has all the positive characteristics of concrete and can be applied to nearly any substrate after applying an adhesive primer.

The microcement layer, applied in multiple coats, is only 2-4mm thick. As a result, it weighs significantly less than cast concrete slabs.

The result is a smooth microcement surface similar to concrete or natural stone that has an individual colour and surface texture depending on the place of application and the customer’s preference. The costs for a microcement floor (or other exposed concrete surface) are approximately €120 - €180 per m².

Raumkonzept Trier is your certified microcement partner in the greater region. We have more than 70,000 m² (approx. 10 football fields) of experience, making us one of the leading companies in the area of smooth filling for floors and walls in Europe.

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Microcement floors


Applications for microcement

  • Existing floors such as tiles, granite, marble and natural stone Stone carpets
  • Stone carpets
  • Stairs of all types
  • Walls that are plastered, cast, tiled or painted
  • Furniture made of wood or natural stone, including tables, benches, cabinets
  • Kitchen workstations made of wood, MDF, granite or marble
  • Baths that are tiled with stone carpets or granite

Advantages of microcement surfaces

    • Moisture-repellent
    • Heat-insulating
    • Noise-absorbing
    • Resistant
    • No joints, making them very easy to clean
    • High-quality, timeless design
    • Free choice of colour
    • Individual surface texture
    • Application to existing floors/surfaces
    • Only 2-4mm thick
    • Minimal renovation costs (no debris)
    • Fast results

    Would you like to enhance the aesthetic of your home with a concrete surface (floor, wall, stairs, bathroom or kitchen workstation)? Have you always dreamed of having a concrete kitchen workstation? 

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