Beautiful, strong, resistant: modern stair designs made of exposed concrete. Stairways: formerly just a practical construction component, now a definitive style element in modern interior design.

At the centre of this transformation is a material innovation combining timeless aesthetics and high material quality, allowing stairways to be much more than simply a connection between two different levels.

While concepts based in granite, marble and tiles used to be preferred as timeless and robust materials, those approaches are now outdated. The costs are too high, not to mention the debris generated in living spaces when renovating stairways with adhesive tiles or natural stone.

These old stair designs have been replaced by a modern, cost-effective and visually sophisticated material that resolves multiple issues at once: Microcement.

Microcement: quality material for stairways, made to measure

One of the major advantages of microcement is that this exposed concrete layer, produced using real cement, can be applied to any existing tile or natural stone stairway. This means that the old materials can be left where they are, and there is no need for laborious removal during renovation.

Spreading a layer of just 2 millimetres gives the old existing stairway a new, attractive look that is easy to maintain. This resistant cement mortar is laid not only without joints but also without cumbersome splints.
This prevents tears by fully reinforcing the stairs with mesh.

Microcement stairs


Your microcement stairs from Raumkonzept Trier

Are you interested in stairs with moisture-repellent, heat-insulating, sound-absorbing, resilient and customisable microcement?

We are the perfect skilled partner for this modern stair concept!

We apply microcement to approximately 50-100 steps per month, and our customers rave about their durability and ease of cleaning. A standard stairway with around 14-16 steps generally involves a working period of 3-4 days. The price per step starts at 140-190 euros including materials, labour costs and taxes, but this will vary depending on the size and shape.