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Featured: Jurij and Sergej

Our unbeatable duo for artistic stretch ceilings

These two are only available as a double pack. “Never change the winning team” is the slogan for our stretch ceiling duo Jurij and Sergej: or as we like to call them, the stretchies.

They’ve known each other for ages. They joined forces professionally several years ago and discovered that their skills and abilities wonderfully complement each other. Their paths took them together to Raumkonzept, where they are our experts for stretch ceilings. One thing is for sure: When the situation gets really tricky, Jurij and Sergej are unstoppable. Once they start chatting, even the most critical of us will be persuaded: Stretch ceilings are the best option for our renovation project!

Let’s dive in to the second round of our employee portraits. We are pleased to introduce you to Jurij and Sergej.


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Hey, you two. Nice to meet up with you today. Let’s ask you our opening question as well: Who are you and what do you do at Raumkonzept?

Jurij: I’m Jurij, I have been working at Raumkonzept for almost a year. Together with Sergej, I am responsible for stretch ceilings. I ended up in this craft somewhat by chance: actually, I first trained as a baker. But I wasn’t very happy with the job. Then I joined the German Armed Forces for a few years and changed careers afterwards. First I was a painter/assistant for a company in Luxembourg that offers stretch ceilings along with other services. That’s how I ended up with my current career: after all, at the moment, there is no separate vocational training for manufacturing stretch ceilings. I met Sergej there as well.

Sergej: I am Sergej, I have been making stretch ceilings for more than 11 years now. I completed vocational training as a carpenter, and then further training as a welder. I worked in my profession for ten years, and then started specialising more and more in stretch ceilings. A lot of this is construction work involving wood, which is my specialty. Then I completed further training, for instance in electrics, which is extremely important in work with stretch ceilings. In 2018, Jurij & I came to Raumkonzept together.

At Raumkonzept, you are affectionately called “the stretchies”. This is partly because of your specialisation, but also because you are such a dedicated team.

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Jurij: Yes, exactly. We always work together. We are a team. This was already the case at our old company. We got along very well from the start and were able to complement one another very well in our work. As a ceiling installer, you have to work in pairs anyway, it’s much too difficult alone. And then it quickly became clear: We would change employers together.

When you start somewhere new together, people automatically see you as a team. And that’s also the way we work. Mr Roth trusts us and our process and gives us free rein to arrange our own work. Together we can further expand the department, increase available inventories etc.

Do the two of you divide your work in a particular way?

Jurij: We are both able to construct and install all stages, that is, the complete product from A-Z. But we’ve settled into a pattern where Sergei does the finer, more delicate tasks and I take care of the broader picture. We also jump in to help each other and could each take over the other’s tasks if circumstances required.

Is there any particular project that you remember fondly?

Jurij: Yes, there was a bedroom with everything imaginable that could cause difficulties: lots of angled edges, a starry sky effect, secondary lighting, shadow gaps. A fantastic challenge for us.

Sergej: Or the entirely black light ceiling that we constructed for a car company in Luxembourg. With a connecting hallway. A highly artistic project that also required a great deal of instinct.

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Image spanndecke Image

What do you enjoy about stretch ceilings?

Jurij: First of all: You can install stretch ceilings anywhere. Even if the old ceiling is sagging, crooked or bumpy, regardless of whether you’re dealing with plaster or old wood panels: we can handle anything. In all these years, we only had to cancel a stretch ceiling project once: The customer wanted extremely unconventional lighting that was not compatible with the construction. It didn’t work out. But otherwise, we do everything we can.

Sergej: Stretch ceilings are a beautiful innovation, but above all they are extremely practical. Installation is much faster than with plasterboard: 3 days of plasterboard are equivalent to 1 day of stretch ceiling. That means we’re three times as fast. And after laying the plasterboard you have to smooth it and all these processes that involve a lot of debris. And drying time. All that is out of the picture with stretch ceilings. There are 3 steps for stretch ceilings: Substructure – light – stretch. Done!! What’s more, the stretch ceiling adapts to the house. That means: It moves along with the house. After all, a house is always in motion. Plastered surfaces give way by developing tears. This is not the case with a stretch ceiling. They withstand stress because the material is flexible.

Jurij: Incidentally, people often ask us what we do with a stretch ceiling if a stain starts to appear. It’s simple: wipe it away, for instance with a rubber sponge. But there is rarely dirt on the ceiling. This could occur if there is a chimney: if discolorations do happen over the years, the stretch ceiling cover can easily be replaced. This process is extremely fast, it takes about 5 minutes since the actual structure is already in place.

Sergej: The same is true if you have water damages in your home. Stretch ceilings are very easy to replace. This is not the case with plasterboard.

3 reasons you enjoy working for Raumkonzept:

  1. The projects are much more varied and interesting than at our old company. We receive lots of extravagant orders that inspire us and challenge our abilities even though we’re old hands.

  2. This is because they trust our work and give us lots of freedom. We like driving to work. It’s a wonderful feeling to see customers awed by our results. It’s like applause in the theatre.

  3. The team is fantastic!

Thank you for talking with us!

Would you like to enhance the aesthetic of your home with a stretch ceiling? Then contact us and let our many years of experience inspire you. Phone: +49 651 56128 509 or E-Mail info@raumkonzept.group


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