Success! #1: Bathroom design with microcement and wood

Raumkonzept home story: The Brucker family from Osburg

Success! #1: Bathroom design with microcement and wood

Today we’ll show you a highly unique bathroom design. This will be the first in a new series right here on our blog. In the future, we’ll present some of the outstanding projects at Raumkonzept: Projects with results that we are particularly proud of and projects that presented us with tricky challenges for which we found innovative solutions. Our home stories provide examples of what our range of services includes and where your journey with Raumkonzept can take you.

Today we’re visiting the Brucker family from Osburg, who combined two exciting contrasts in their bathroom to create a one-of-a-kind room atmosphere.

Microcement & wood

Beton Cire und Holz Badezimmer

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Harmonious contrast of materials

Not far from Trier, above the idyllic Ruwer valley and the Riveristal dam, lies the charming, wild and romantic Osburger Hochwald recreation area. Together with the Schwarzwalder Hochwald it makes up the Hunsrück region. Rich green everywhere. Long meadows and dark, deep-green forest, the soft rustling of the leaves and the gentle chirping of birds: here, you instantly feel at ease.

It’s no wonder that the eponymous village of Osburg has been growing in recent years and attracting more young families who wish to raise their children in this corner of the world.

Such as the Brucker family. Susanne and her partner Christoph, who was born in Osburg, acquired a beautifully laid-out plot on the outskirts of this small village. Construction work began in early 2018, and the couple were able to move into their new home in early 2019 with their daughter Lena, who was born during the construction phase.

Transforming the family bathroom into an oasis of well-being

Clear shapes, lots of white and skilfully placed wood elements characterise the Brucker family’s cosy, bright new home. They stayed true to this philosophy in the design of the bathroom as well, opting for clear structures and an exciting mix of materials involving microcement and wood. As a result, the spacious bathroom is divided into two sections:

Upon entering, you can find the toilet and walk-in shower on your right. Instead of busy tiles, microcement on the floors and walls defines the wet area as a cohesive entity and creates a unified look, especially by adopting the same colour on the opposite walls.

This is connected with the rich brown of the wood floor on the left, which contains the second section of the room including the washstand (also made of wood), rectangular tub and a coral red velvet sofa. Two materials that could not be more distinct are mingled in this room, and look at the result:

They fit together beautifully! Instead of weakening one another, each material accents the merits of its counterpart: The wood feels more natural, earthy, and warm, while the microcement seems more elegant, minimalistic and urban. The combination makes a direct impression on the viewer. My first thought was: this is not just a bathroom, this is a small spa area. It’s fitting that the red sofa will be replaced by a sauna at some point.

modern concrete bathroom design microcement bathroom and wood
Dear Susanne, thank you for inviting us to your wonderful home and allowing us to report about your unique bathroom design. The results are fantastic. How did you come up with the idea? How did you discover microcement?

I had seen microcement applications in a variety of magazines, and I always really liked it. The thought of not having to clean tiles in the bathroom for hours on end was also quite persuasive. Mildew, for instance, is now not an issue for us. I also find that it looks much more beautiful, orderly and calm without joints.

Why did you choose Raumkonzept?

There actually aren’t that many larger providers in the area. We had found a different company at first. But friends who had also used microcement in their houses recommended Raumkonzept to us.

Mr Roth got in touch with us right away, which helped us make our decision, since we had visited the other company multiple times but were not assigned a contact person who could advise us about our project on site.

It was very different with Raumkonzept. Mr Roth gave us extensive advice about how to practically implement our bathroom design developed by the Flach company from Sweich. It was also his idea to extend the microcement area from the shower to the toilet to create a sense of visual unity. We are totally satisfied with Raumkonzept’s implementation. We continue to enjoy the blend of wood and concrete.

Would you recommend Raumkonzept to others?

Yes, absolutely. Implementation was absolutely straight-forward and everything went smoothly. The bathroom was finished in just a few days. And in contrast to other companies, Michael came to visit us quickly and listened to our requests, gave us wonderful advice. He and his employees were available to us during the entire construction phase and always responded reliably when we had questions. Nowadays, that’s unfortunately not something you can take for granted.

And last but not least: The results are fantastic, and the hand-applied technique also makes it highly individual.

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